Custom Filtration Solutions has the widest selection of filtration products in the industry. Whether your process involves Air, Liquid, Gas, Solids or Liquid Solid Separation, our experts in filtration will work with you to ensure you get what you need. Don't see what you are looking for in one of the links below or need more information let us know! 

Depth Filters

Liquid Filter Bags

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High Flow Cartridges

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Dust Filtration

Dust Bags

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HEPA Filters

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Pressure Filters

Filter Press Cloths

Pressure Leaf Covers

Candle Filter Sleeves

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Vacuum Filters

Rotary Vacuum Drum Cloths 

Vacuum Belts 

Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter

Rotary Vacuum Disc

Vacuum Leaf



Wire Mesh 

You canScreen Packs 

Pleat Packs

Wire Mesh Conical Filters

Centrifuge Screen



Vibratory Sifter Screens 

Candle Filters

Extruder Screens 

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Sand Screen Cartridge 

Sintered Wire Cloth 

Pleated Spin Pack

Petrochem Pleated Element



Hydraulic Filters

Spin-On Hydraulic Filters
Cartridge Style Hydraulic Filters
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OEM Replacements

Desiccant Breathers
Wide Range of Filter Media


Air Compressor Filters

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Air/Liquid Coalescers
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Fume Extraction

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