Dust Bag

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A dust bag is a practical accessory designed to enhance cleanliness in various applications, notably in vacuum cleaners and dust collection systems. Crafted from porous materials, these bags efficiently capture and contain dust particles during operation, preventing their release back into the air. Typically disposable, dust bags are easy to replace, ensuring convenient maintenance and effective dust containment. Their design caters to different vacuum cleaner models, offering a simple and hygienic solution for trapping dust and debris. Whether in household cleaning or industrial settings, dust bags contribute significantly to maintaining a cleaner environment and improving overall air quality.

Custom Filtration Solutions provides OEM quality replacement filter bags for all manufacturers and styles of dust collectors without the OEM price. With the fastest lead times in the industry, our filters are made to order to meet your specifications and delivered on time to keep your project on time and on budget. 


With extensive experience in Process Filtration and Pollution Control, Custom Filtration Solutions is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality filter bags for dust collection. Our premium fabric filter bags are designed with advanced features and special treatments to ensure maximum efficiency and top performance. Additionally, our team of Technical Applications Specialists are highly knowledgeable and can quickly recommend the right products to enhance your dust collection process and optimize your overall operations. Trust Custom Filtration Solutions for all of your filtration needs.
Our support team will help you select the best filter for your application. We offer a the widest range of high quality filter media in the industry to meet the demands of any application in any industry, including high temperature. 


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Media Coatings & Finishes

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Replacements For: 
Alanco, American Air Filter, Astec, Barber Green, Bell Grade, BHA/GE, Buhler, Camcorp, Camfil-Farr, Carborundum, Carter Day, Cedar Rapids, Clear-Edge, CMI, Con-E-Co, CP Environmental, DCE, Delta, Design "M" Fabri-Pulse, Donaldson, Dracco, Dust Hog, Eastern Control, Farr, Flex-Kleen, Gencor, Gerber, Goyen, Griffin, Hammermill, IFIL, Industrial Vacuum, Mac Equipment, McNeilus, Menardi, Micro Air, Midwesco, Mikropul, Murphy-Rogers, Nederman, Norfab, Pangborn, Pneumafill, Ray-Jet, Sewer Equipment, Smico, Standard Havens, Stansteel , Steelcraft, Torit, Vactor, Vance Hagen, Vector, Western Pneu, Wheelibrator and More