Filter Bags

High quality felt liquid filter bags constructed using 100% synthetic fibers in polypropylene, polyester, and high temperature aramid (HT). Fully welded, welded/sewn, or fully sewn versions available

High quality monofilament and multifilament mesh liquid filter bags constructed using 100% synthetic fibers in polypropylene and polyester/nylon for economical surface retention filtration.

Designed for longer service life, CFS' technologically advanced POEX filter bags feature a thicker yet lightweight felt for greater depth loading than traditional felt filter bags.

CFS' Oil Absorbing Filter Bags are made from polypropylene microfiber combined with other proprietary oil retaining fibers and offers absolute efficiencies for microns from 1 to 150.

High performance 500 Series in standard Size 2 feature a proprietary multi-layer design offering absolute efficiencies to 99.0%

High efficiency microfiber filter bag with graded-layer configuration provides low initial pressure drop and maximum dirt holding capacity.

High efficiency microfiber filter bags in many industry standard and custom sizes with micron ratings from 0.5 to 50

Extended Surface Pleat Bags

The ESP Extended Surface Pleat bag filter is designed for high dirt holding capacity and high flow. This is achieved by pleating two layers of nominal felt to create a pre-filter and final filter layer inside a standard Size #2 bag filter.

Duo Flow Style Welded Filter Bags

All welded duo flow filter with greater media surface area for use on size #1 and #2 bag systems.