Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic Filtration: Ensuring Optimal Performance

In the realm of machinery, hydraulic filtration plays a crucial role. The intricate workings of hydraulic systems produce detrimental metal chips, plastic fragments, and rubber particles from abraded seals and bearings. At Custom Filtration Solutions, our hydraulic filters serve as a formidable defense, efficiently removing these contaminants, as well as external intrusions like dust and dirt.

Why Hydraulic Filters Matter

Clean Fluid: Hydraulic systems rely on clean fluid to function efficiently. Contaminants can wreak havoc on your equipment, affecting performance and longevity.
Regular Replacement: Regularly replacing filters is paramount for sustaining consistent operation and extending the lifespan of hydraulic-powered devices.

Our Hydraulic Filter Range

1. Spin-On Hydraulic Filters

- Quick and easy replacement.
- Efficiently remove contaminants.
- Ideal for various applications.

2. Cartridge Style Hydraulic Filters

- Robust construction.
- High dirt-holding capacity.
- Suitable for demanding environments.

3. Low/Medium/High-Pressure Options

- We cater to systems operating within the broad spectrum of 150 psi to 6000 psi.
- Choose the right filter for your specific pressure requirements.

4. Wide Range of Filter Media

- Customized solutions based on your needs.
- Efficient particle capture for optimal performance.

5. Desiccant Tank Breathers

- Protect hydraulic fluid from moisture contamination.
- Extend fluid life and prevent system damage.

6. OEM Replacements

- We provide OEM replacement filters for various manufacturers.
- Ensure compatibility and reliable performance.

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