Dust Cartridges

Dust cartridges are essential components in industrial dust collection systems, designed to efficiently capture and filter airborne particles. These cartridges employ high-quality filter media in a pleated structure, maximizing surface area for enhanced particle capture. Commonly used in various industries like metalworking and woodworking, dust cartridges contribute to improved air quality by preventing the release of harmful dust into the environment. Regular maintenance and replacement of these cartridges are crucial for optimal performance, and some feature advanced technologies like nanofibers to enhance filtration efficiency and durability. Overall, dust cartridges play a critical role in safeguarding worker health and preserving the integrity of machinery in manufacturing settings.

Custom Filtration Solutions specializes in producing premium OEM Replacement filters designed for a wide range of leading industrial dust and mist collectors.


Our commitment extends to ensuring both an exact fit and optimal performance, all while maintaining competitive prices directly for end-users. If the filter you're searching for isn't readily available, reach out to us by calling 331-215-4119 or drop us an email by clicking the link below.


We've got the expertise to cross-reference nearly any filter to cater to your unique requirements.


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