Vacuum Truck Filters

Custom Filtration Solutions (CFS), specializes in providing high-quality vacuum truck filters designed specifically for the demanding needs of vacuum trucks. Whether you’re in the waste management industry, industrial cleaning, or environmental services, our filters ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Why Choose Our Vacuum Truck Filters?

1. Direct Replacements for OEM Manufacturers:

 • We manufacture the highest quality replacement filters for all vacuum truck OEMs.
 • No need to compromise on quality or compatibility—our filters fit seamlessly into your existing systems.

2. Wide Range of Filters:

 • From filter bags to cages and blower filters, we have you covered.
 • Our comprehensive range ensures that you find the right filter for your specific vacuum truck model.

3. Cost-Effective Solutions:

 • Our prices are well below the OEM cost, allowing you to save without compromising on quality.
 • Fastest lead times in the industry mean minimal downtime for your operations.

With the industry's largest selection of materials to chose from, we can ensure our bags are compatible with your application. We offer a variety of bag styles, sizes and options including standard "double bead" or "super seal" snap band tops which create a leak-proof seal.  


Replacement bags fit into all OEM equipment including Guzzler, Vactor, SuperProudcts, GapVax, Clean Earth, Industrial Vacuum and others.


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Ready to optimize your vacuum truck filtration system? Reach out to Custom Filtration Solutions (CFS) today. We’re here to provide the right filters for your specific needs, ensuring smooth operations and cost savings.


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Vacuum truck filters are essential components used in industrial vacuum trucks or vacuum loaders to capture and separate solid particles and contaminants from the air or liquid being suctioned. These filters play a critical role in maintaining the performance of vacuum systems and preventing harmful substances from being released into the environment during various industrial processes.

Typically made from specialized filter media, vacuum truck filters are designed to efficiently trap and retain particles of different sizes, including dust, debris, and other contaminants. The choice of filter media may vary based on the specific application and the type of materials being handled by the vacuum truck.

The filters are strategically placed within the vacuum system to capture particles before they reach the vacuum pump or other components. Regular maintenance and replacement of these filters are crucial to ensure the continued effectiveness of the vacuum truck, prevent equipment damage, and comply with environmental and safety regulations.

Vacuum truck filters come in various configurations, including cartridge filters, bag filters, and other specialized designs, depending on the specific requirements of the vacuum system. Their proper selection and maintenance contribute to the overall efficiency, longevity, and environmental responsibility of industrial vacuum operations.