Pressure Filtration

Pressure Filtration Solutions: Customized Filter Media for Optimal Performance

In the world of industrial filtration, pressure filtration is a critical process for separating solids from liquids. Whether you’re in wastewater treatment, chemical processing, or food production, efficient filtration ensures product quality and maintains equipment performance.

Our Comprehensive Range of Pressure Filtration Products

Custom Filtration Solutions (CFS), offers market-leading filter media products for various types of pressure filters:

1. Filter Press Cloths:

- These cloths provide reliable filtration for filter presses used across diverse markets, including mining, chemicals, food, and water treatment.
- Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures each filter cloth is made to the highest standards, ensuring optimal cake formation and efficient dewatering.


Custom Filtration Solutions cloths are valued by end-users and OEMs running these filter presses: Andritz, Choquenet, Diemme, Evoqua, FLSmidth, Jing Jin
McLanahan, Metso, Outotec, Putsch and Many others

2. Vertical Tower Press Belts:

- Ideal for continuous operation, these belts are used in applications ranging from pigment and dye industries to mineral processing and pharmaceuticals.
- Manufactured from polypropylene/polyester materials, they optimize filtration efficiency, cake moisture, and filtrate clarity.


Custom Filtratration Solutions belts are valued by end-users and OEMs running these tower presses:
Filtra Systems, FLSmidth (PnuemaPress), Outotec (Larox, Hoesch), Progress and Many More

3. Pressure Leaf Filters:

- Our pressure leaf filters use individual metal filter frames or “leaves” to support each filter bag.
- Designed for vertical or horizontal configurations, they withstand high and low temperatures within the filtration process


Custom Filtration Solutions bags are valued by end-users and OEMs running these pressure leaf filters:
Amafilter/LFC Lochem, Ascension (Durco), CEM (Chemplant), Envirogen, Gaudfrin, Kelly, Outotec (Scheibler), Progress, Putsch, Sparkler and Many others

4. Candle Filter Sleeves:

- Distinguished by their cylindrical appearance, these sleeves serve as polishing filters in mining, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and pulp and paper sectors.
- Customized to handle challenging temperature and chemical processes, they offer high filtration efficiency and robust performance.


Custom Filtration Solutions sleeves are valued by end-users and OEMs running these candle filters:
Amafilter/LFC Lochem, BHS Sonthofen, DrM (Dr. Müller AG), Putsch and Many More

5. Press Belts:

- Commonly found in municipal wastewater treatment plants, industrial treatment facilities, and beverage production.
- The multi-layer construction ensures high-quality filtration, meeting environmental requirements for slurry separation


Custom Filtration Solutions belts are valued by end-users and OEMs running these belt presses:
Alfa-Laval (Ashbrook Simon-Hartley), Andritz, BDP,  Bellmer, Compositech-Filters, Dewaco, EMO, Evoqua (Sernagiotto), Komline-Sanderson, Phoenix Process Equipment, Many others

Why Choose Custom Filtration Solutions?

1.Expertise: With decades of experience, we understand the unique demands of pressure filtration. Our team ensures the right filter media for your specific needs.
2.Quality Assurance: Our OEM replacement filters meet stringent standards. Expect reliable performance and extended service life.
3.Custom Solutions: We tailor our offerings to match your equipment and application requirements.

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